Reconnective Healing and NDE presentations: 

"The Frequencies of Home"

13 November 2021

10am VBiands at the A.R.E , Virginia Beach, VA

2pm Workshop Introduction to Reconnective Healing frequencies.

20 & 27 November 2021

Online:  NDE sharing and After Effects with Joan Fowler and Ellyn Dye  join the facebook group joyfulofheart for more information.


Dove333 Educational Events

Reconnective Healing Introductions

Your Instructor: Joan Fowler 

Joan Fowler is an Associate Instructor and Teaching Assistant with The Reconnection LLC. 

The Reconnection "Training programs"


One Experience aka Level 1 & 2

15-16 January 2022 
Marriott Spring Hill Suites (ocean views)

110 N Myers Street
Oceanside, CA 92054

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