Consists of 2 programs....
-In the Online Portal you begin to cultivate your understanding of the philosophy and begin to access Reconnective Healing to help yourself,  family, friends, or pets.  It's yours for life!

- In the Live Immersion Catalyst 3 day program continue to explore your connection with this ever expanding field of awareness.  Live and in person with Eric and Jillian. 

The Reconnection RCPP 2019

After completing The Portal and the Catalyst programs, choose to further your training with the Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program (RCPP) formerly known as Level 3.

Learn to facilitate The Reconnection for others.  Taught in an intimate setting, Max class size is 12.  See Joan's schedule below. Fee is $900.

4-5 May 2019 Sarasota, FL

Venue:  The EVEN Hotel

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The Reconnection "The one Experience"

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RCPP training

(Level 3 Training)

Your Instructor: Joan Fowler 

Joan Fowler is as Associate Instructor and Teaching Assistant with The Reconnection LLC. 



-22 March 2019 Webinar  Finding Home: NDE, Spiritual Transformation and RH with Joan Fowler click here

-24 March 2019 ​ Meet up Iands chapter Falls Church VA.  The Force Awakens-Discover Your Inner Gifts with Joan Fowler

-5-8 April 2019 Ignite Program Palm Springs  Catalyst and Alumni programs Reconnecitve Healing with Animals, Kids, Yoga, and various presentations.

-5-6 May 2019 Sarasota, FL RCPP Level 3 with Joan Fowler

​-8 June 2019 Chicago Iands  The Force Awakens-Discover Your Inner Gifts w Joan Fowler